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Pre-purchase checklist JZA80 Supra

Pre-purchase checklist JZA80 Supra



1. How many owners of the vehicle, including you?

2. Has the head been removed from the block for any reason? If so, please detail.

3. Do you have any recent compression/leak down numbers?

4. If not, would you be willing to acquire them to close a sale?

5. Does the car still have the original OEM head gasket? If not please explain

6. Has the car had any front main seal issues? If so, please explain

7. Has the car had any rear main seal issues? If so, please explain

8. What is the condition of the brakes; calipers, rotors and pads?

9. Do the brakes squeak or squeal upon use? If so, why?

10. Does the targa top leak or rattle? Do you still have the targa tool? N/A if hardtop 

11. Does the rear hatch rattle?

12. Are there any signs of rear hatch rust?

13. Are there any other squeaks and rattles? If so, what/where are their sources?

14. Are the headlamps yellowed or fogged at all?

15. Does the car smoke at start-up, idle, decelerating or while driving?

16. Does the car use oil between changes?

17. What are the oil change intervals for this car? Do you have documentation?

18. Does the exterior of the car have ANY scratches, smudges, dings or bird poop stains?

19. Please describe the condition of the vehicle’s paint in as much detail as is reasonably 
possible. Please rate the condition of the vehicle’s exterior paint from 1—10, with 
10 being best.

20. What overall rating would you give the vehicle’s mechanical (HVAC; cruise; 
ignition system, etc.) and electrical systems? Does everything work (such as a/c and 
cruise control, radio, CD player)?

21. Would you please provide the VIN so I can run a carfax?

22. Does the vehicle have any leaks whatsoever ? If so, how long has this condition (s) 
existed, what is the source and would these leaks be fixed as part of any sale?

23. What type of suspension does the car have?

24. What is your overall assessment of the condition of the 6MT tranny? Any difficulty 
shifting into any gear? Does the tranny grind going into any gear? Does it have any 
synchro problems? Does it pop out of gear under any circumstances? 

25. Have you ever “launched” or “brake boosted” the car for drag racing purposes?

26. Have you ever used the car or roadracing or any kind of racing on a track and/or street?

27. Does the car have the original transmission and engine? If not, please explain.

28. Does the vehicle still have the OEM wheels? If so, please describe their condition in 
as much detail as possible

29. What type of tires, sizes and approximate mileage remaining?

30. Has the OEM ECU been altered in any way (G-Force/Mines/Tom’s), or the wiring harness (Fields 
or DIY job) altered for any aftermarket modifications?

31. What is the MOT (APK) status of the vehicle?

32. Do you have all service records?

33. Where has the car been serviced during your ownership?

34. If the car has a boost controller, please describe the type of boost the car has seen 
with its current set-up.

35. Does the car still have the original twins? If not, how many miles on the replacement 

36. Do the twins operate in sequential, TTC or E-TTC mode? 

37. On a scale of 1-10, 10 being best, how would you rate the car’s interior? Please 
identify and provide pics of ANY worn areas, tears, scratches, cigarette burns, 
punctures, etc. Does the vehicle still have the OEM rear tonneau cover?

38. Has the traction control fuse ever been removed or have you altered the traction 
control in any way?

39. Have the front fenders/rear quarters been rolled, cut or pulled? If so, will you provide photos showing this, if 

40. Does the car have any suspension modifications? If so, please describe.

41. Has the car ever been in an accident? If so, please describe, including the extent of the repair and re-
paint programs (provide photographs if you have them).

42. Does the car have any aftermarket body parts? If so please explain.

43. If the car has aftermarket body parts, do you still have all OEM parts? Would the 
OEM parts be included in the sale of the vehicle? 

44. Will you provide pics of the OEM parts not currently installed on the car?

45. Would you be willing to provide photographs of the car’s undercarriage?

46. Does the car have its original clutch? If not, what aftermarket clutch has been 
installed and how many miles on this clutch? N/A if auto

47. Does the car has a high stall converter installed? If so, what stall speed and brand? N/A if manual

48. Does the car have the OEM TORSEN LSD? Does the vehicle’s differential “whine” 
at all?

49. Has any of the vehicle’s wheel bearings/hubs been replaced? If so, do you have 
documentation reflecting this, including date work completed and mileage on the 
vehicle at the time the work was completed?

50. Please provide a list of all aftermarket modifications to the car, the name of the 
company (s) installing the various mods and the mileage on the vehicle when the 
mods were installed (this would include everything associated with your set-up, 
including EMS and related mods if applicable).

51. Does the car have any ebay-sourced, knock-off/replica, non-OEM or mechanical 
aftermarket parts on it? If so, please explain in detail.

52. What is the total mileage on the chassis?

53. What is the total mileage on the motor if different from the chassis?

54. How many of the motor and chassis miles have been accrued under your ownership?

55. On a scale of 1-10, please rate the condition of the factory turbos. Any smoking 
because of bad turbo seals? Any shaft play? 

56. Does the car have any valve stem issues? 

57. Does your targa top have any stripped bolts? N/A if hardtop.

58. Please describe the condition of your rear hatch struts on a 1-10 basis, with 10 being 

59. Does the car have any missing OEM parts that have been discontinued (go here for 
reference: http://www.supraforums.com/forum/sho…hp?968714-The-