A80 TSRM link page

A80 TSRM link page Checkout alle the PFD’s (Copyright by Toyota TMC) with the Supra TSRM info. Engine repair: Engine repair: Engine Mechanical Engine Mechanical 1997 (Supplement) Cooling system Emission System 2JZ-GTE Emission System 2JZ-GTE Lubrication System SFI System 2JZ-GE SFI System 2JZ-GTE Troubleshooting the 2JZ-GE Troubleshooting the 2JZ-GTE Turbocharger system Ignition systems: Iginition System

LHD conversion JZA80

Dashboard  Dash panels  Center console with panel  Handbrake  Heatercore box under the dash  Wiper motor  Cowl plastic over the wiper motor.  Brake lines in the engine bay.  Metal abs holder for lhd  Lhd steering rack Brake master cylinder.  Clutch master cylinder.  Clutch pedal complete assembly  Brake pedal. complete assembly.  Firewall Misc.

Concept cars and development of the JZA80

Concept cars and development of the JZA80 Source: JZA80.de Author: Japanfanatic   Already in February 1989 a team of 42 developers formed around chief-engineer Isao Tsuzuki. The team was divided into three groups for the benefit of better coordination: The “DP-Team” (Designated Panelists) consisted of Designers, Technicians and Product Planners, which had the task to