A80 TSRM link page

A80 TSRM link page Checkout alle the PFD’s (Copyright by Toyota TMC) with the Supra TSRM info. Engine repair: Engine repair: Engine Mechanical Engine Mechanical 1997 (Supplement) Cooling system Emission System 2JZ-GTE Emission System 2JZ-GTE Lubrication System SFI System 2JZ-GE SFI System 2JZ-GTE Troubleshooting the 2JZ-GE Troubleshooting the 2JZ-GTE Turbocharger system Ignition systems: Iginition System

Sales figures JZA80

Country Years sold Sales J-Spec   Japan 1993-2002 31588 US-Spec   USA 1993-1998 11473 Canada 1993-1997 228 EU-Spec   UK-Spec   Großbritannien 1993-1996 623 Australasia-Spec   New Zealand 1993-1996 4 Brunei 1993-1996 7 South Africa 1993 1 Australia 1993 1 EU-Spec LHD   Germany 1993-1996 537 Austria 1993-1996 19 France 1993-1996 54 Switserland 1993-1996 204

Concept cars and development of the JZA80

Concept cars and development of the JZA80 Source: JZA80.de Author: Japanfanatic   Already in February 1989 a team of 42 developers formed around chief-engineer Isao Tsuzuki. The team was divided into three groups for the benefit of better coordination: The “DP-Team” (Designated Panelists) consisted of Designers, Technicians and Product Planners, which had the task to

Development of the 2JZ

Source: JZA80.de Author: Japanfanatic   In 1993 Toyota presented the fourth incarnation of its top of the line sports car: The Supra JZA80. Over years the evolution of the Supra had been connected to the progress in development of Toyota’s M-Engine Family. Beginning with the presentation of the first Supra Generation in 1978, the “Celica