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A80 TSRM link page

A80 TSRM link page Checkout alle the PFD’s (Copyright by Toyota TMC) with the Supra TSRM info. Engine repair: Engine repair: Engine Mechanical Engine Mechanical 1997 (Supplement) Cooling system Emission System 2JZ-GTE Emission System 2JZ-GTE Lubrication System SFI System 2JZ-GE SFI System 2JZ-GTE Troubleshooting the 2JZ-GE Troubleshooting the 2JZ-GTE Turbocharger system Ignition systems: Iginition System

Sales figures JZA80

Country Years sold Sales J-Spec   Japan 1993-2002 31588 US-Spec   USA 1993-1998 11473 Canada 1993-1997 228 EU-Spec   UK-Spec   Großbritannien 1993-1996 623 Australasia-Spec   New Zealand 1993-1996 4 Brunei 1993-1996 7 South Africa 1993 1 Australia 1993 1 EU-Spec LHD   Germany 1993-1996 537 Austria 1993-1996 19 France 1993-1996 54 Switserland 1993-1996 204

Concept cars and development of the JZA80

Concept cars and development of the JZA80 Source: JZA80.de Author: Japanfanatic   Already in February 1989 a team of 42 developers formed around chief-engineer Isao Tsuzuki. The team was divided into three groups for the benefit of better coordination: The “DP-Team” (Designated Panelists) consisted of Designers, Technicians and Product Planners, which had the task to

Pre-purchase checklist JZA80 Supra

Pre-purchase checklist JZA80 Supra MKIV SUPRA (USED) DUE DILIGENCE PRE-PURCHASE CHECKLIST KEN HENDERSON - MODIFIED BY SHOARMATEAM   1. How many owners of the vehicle, including you? 2. Has the head been removed from the block for any reason? If so, please detail. 3. Do you have any recent compression/leak down numbers? 4. If not,

2JZ-GTE VVTi JZA80 Supra Engine Wiring

2JZ-GTE VVTi JZA80 Supra Engine Wiring Introduction This page provides information in regards to 2JZ-GTE VVTi engine wiring as found in the Japanese JZA80 Toyota Supra.   JZA80 Toyota Supra 2JZ-GTE VVTi Engine ECU Part Numbers Toyota Part Number Dates Transmission 89661‑14830 09/1997 to 07/2002 Manual Transmission 89661‑14820 09/1997 to 07/2002 Automatic Transmission   Note

2JZ-GTE CEL error checking

2JZ-GTE CEL error checking The ECU stores an error code so that you can check for problems. Rather than requiring a bug diagnostics machine, you can use a simple paperclip, or a short wire. You use this to bridge the connections E1 and TE1 in the diagnostics port. For VVT-i versions please use Tc and