How to: shave fenders

If you want to maximize the rubber under your car, you can easily fit some 11 or 11.5 wheel in the rear. This can be done without rolling, cutting or shaving the fenders. However, if you’re OCD like me, you want your expensive wheels to sit just right in the fenders. 

Supras are notorious for their double skinned fenders, which are directed approximately 20mm inside the wheel wells. Due the shape of you the fenders , you are limited to some higher ofssets and smaller tires. To move the wheels and tires flush to the fenders you can roll or cut the fender.

Usually rolling is the preffered method, to keep structural integrity. However due the design of the rear fenders, it’s almost impossible to properly roll your fenders. No matter how much heat you apply, you won’t get smooth results. This is also called the “window-treatment” effect. You will always, no matter how good you are, notice ripples along wheel arch, because of the spotwelds in the fenders.

So how do you make room for those nice wheels and meaty tires? Well it’s easy to do. You can shave or cut the fenders. Shaving being the safest and “fool-proof” method imo. The write up below apply’s to both methods.

1. You’ll want to use a marker to mark where you want to cut/shave. Trace with a marker near the outside of the lip.

2. You’ll want to use masking tape or duct tape or some sort of tape to make sure you don’t chip the paint. Use a razor blade and strike the paint on the outside of where you plan to cut. 

3. Make sure you use the correct blade for sheet metal when cutting. I used a grinder to shave the fenders. Use safety glasses and earring protection as the bits of metal will go everywhere.  Take your time when cutting/shaving. Don’t rush, or you’ll burn the paint! Also don’t be scared to shave past the spot welds. The fenders are glued very well, and won’t seperate! When you’re finished, use a metal file to dull the sharp edges so no one gets cut. Put some primer on the bare metal, then seal the fenders and finish with some paint and clear coat.